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Here is a highlight of what I've got to work with.
I am still missing one preamp tube retainer, and two Chicken Head Knobs, as well as the handle of my dreams, it's the raised leather one like Mojo sells...

List from the supplier.
You can even see the price I paid in the corner. This price included everything on this list, no cab, no speaker.
Little Brown Envelopes
This is my favorite part, Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors, Sprauge and CDE coupling & decoupling caps, it's like all of the little nicknacks that Santa fills stockings with!
Chasis and Eyelet Board
Beautifully chromed and silkscreened, 16 gauge triple plated steel, and vulcanized fibre eyelet board, no silly phenolic here!
Pots, Wire, and Sockets
Only the cool stuff, CTS pots, 'push back cloth' solid wire like the original, and I can tell you it feels really good to hold this much of it at once...
Trannys and NOS Tubes
Hand wound, paper interleaved, output and power transformers. These buggers were built to last forever. Phillips 5Y3WGTA, GE 5751, Russian 12AX7LPS, and the GE 6V6GT's are packed so well, I almost hate to open them!
Jensen P12R, Reconed, but still sounds good!
According to the Weber VST site, this speaker was made during the 30th week of 1959. Click on the photo, and it will take you there.
Handmade Cab Purchased from:
Since he has no website...
Dixie Sound Works
John Gurley
372 A Gunter Avenue
Guntersville, AL 35976
(256) 582-2425