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Auction Block Shots
Over the past two or so years, I went onto Ebay and found every single Deluxe 5E3 that was up for auction that I could. Luckily, the trend seems to be to take pretty detailed photos of these vintage amps, including the 'Guts'. I simply downloaded the pics, even making some of them my wallpaper for a while, so I (and you too) could refer to them at any time.

Here's a modified 1956

A nice 1955!

This one had no year listed...

This is a modern Knockoff.

I lost the name tag for this one...

1955 was a good year...

Another 1955

Mmmm Guts from '55!

Sorry lost the date on this one too...






1999 Victoria Deluxe 20112

'56 Guts Only!